• Didactic Namaz Pages
    Editor - Ikrime Firat

    Is there any feeling for people which give them pleasure to fulfil their responsibility who for Allah created them. Prayer is a very important cause for Muslims for feeling that high servitude.

    Because prayer invites us five times a day for worshipping to Allah, and this makes us feel adored to Allah. The person pray five times a day will feel peaceful. There were some friends who wanted to learn to perform prayer which is sign of servitude. Our friends said that they wanted to learn to the perform prayer. Firstly we wanted to buy a prayer book for them. But, prayer books don't give sufficient information, so, as you see in this web page, we put texts to the sides of every picture to explain what to do. When their spiritual sense increased, they tried to perform prayer by benefiting from this text. 

    We that writing what to do for every motion was didactic. So, We decided to build the web pages. We visited the web pages prepared for this subject. But it is worth saying that. This web page isn't a mixture of the pages which before here done other to came together pages. In fact, what we did producing absent part and tried to assembling them. 

    Internet has a lot of document of prayer pages. Each page of many people have tried to write about the prayer which they thought were insufficient about way. Masters thought; the best of telling it, so, they tried to make the best didactic pages. We think so and ours is one of those. However, our target is not only to contented with giving information but presentation for internet users to practice and assure to find simple sources at the beginning. 

    First of all user should be benefit from this. And letter you can find works of different writers. Insaallah Allah (c.c.) gives us permission to serve better to you. You may write all of your questions, suggestions, and comments to our e-mail. All of your mails will be appreciate. With all best wishes.