• The Pillars Of Salat

    1) The Opening Takbir (Iftitah Takbir):

    It is to began a salat a with the saying of the Takbir; "Allah-u Akbar" Allah is the Greatest.

    2) Standing (Qiyam):

    It is to stand for a period of time in salat.

    3) Recitation (Qir'aat):

    It is to recite from the Noble Qur'an during salat.

    4) Bowing (Ruku):

    It is the bow down in salat by placing the hands on the knees, the upper body being parallel to the ground Women bow less that men do.

    5) Prostration (sujud):

    It is to prostrate by placing the nose, the fore haed, the hands, the knees and the front portion of the feet on the ground.

    6) Final Sitting (Qa'de-i Akhirah or Jalsah):

    t is to sit down at the and of a salat for at least as long as one needs to recite the salutation called "At-tahiyyatu.