• Tayammum
    Minor Ritual Ablution

    When there is no water available, or when it is not possible to use the existing water, we may purify ourselves with clean soil or a similar in place of performing the minor ablution or the ritual bath. This called "Tayammum". Tayammum is maid in place of minor ritual ablution or ritual bath.

    The Two Obligatory Acts Of Tayammum

    1- To make intention for tayammum,

    2- To path the palms on clean soil or similar substance (clean sand, pebbles, stone, lime, brick, tile or a tile-like substance, etc.) twice and then to wipe the face first and than the arms.

    Method Of Making Tayammum

    Roll up the selves as for ritual ablution. Say Audhu-Bismillah and make intention for tayammum;

    Path the palms on clean soil with the fingers apart and rub the hands back and forth on it.

    Strike the thumbs together to shake any excessive dust or soil off and wipe the face with the palms of the hands;

    Pat the hands again on clen soil ond then wipe the right arm with the palm of the left hand up to an including the elbows;

    Next wipe the left arm with the palm of the right hand up to and including the elbows in the same manner.