Learning to salah easily

  • How to pray?

    Practical prayer tables, practical videos, prayer information cards, Animation with prayer, and prayer posters

  • Illustrated prayer teacher

    You can easily learn how to pray five times a day with illustrated and written explanations on the same page for women and men.

  • Order of Surahs in Salah

    After surah Fatiha in prayer, it is wajib to recite surahs in the order of the Qur’an. For example

  • Summary prayers

    Summary prayers prepared so that you do not have to read the details again and again after grasping the basics of prayer movements.

  • Ritual Prayer of A The Sick Person

    How do sick and unable-to-stand individuals pray?

  • Prayers by the Prophet Hz. Muhammad (s.a.v)

    How did our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) perform prayer?

  • Satan Tries to Deter us From Our Prayer

    Article on satanic temptation in prayer in Ibn al-Jawzi's (Telbis-i İblis) book.

  • Benefits of Ghusl (Ritual Bath)

    The Ritual Bath (Ghusl) purifies us spiritually

  • The First Prayer

    This text beautifully depicts the nostalgia for the past through the memories of morning prayer rituals with a loving mother.

  • How do we complete a prayer when we join a congregation late?

    Scenarios for completing the prayer for those who arrive late to the congregation or miss part of the prayer

  • Various Prayers

  • Tahajjud Prayer

    The nafl prayer to be performed after the Isha prayer, either before sleeping or after a short sleep, is called the "night prayer". If performed after a short sleep, it is called "Tahajjud".

  • Repentance Prayer

    The repentance prayer is the supplication of the servant who regrets his sins to Allah. It consists of 2 rak'ahs, seeking forgiveness and pardon. Intending not to return to sins is a condition.

  • Istikhara Prayer

    The Istikhara prayer is a 2 rak'ah prayer performed to ask Allah for the good in a matter. In situations where you are struggling to make a decision, you pray to Allah for guidance and to show you the right path.

  • Tasbih Prayer

    The Tasbih prayer is a prayer performed to remember Allah. It is performed in 4 rak'ahs, in 2 sets. In each rak'ah, "Subhanallah" is said 15 times, "Alhamdulillah" 10 times, and "Allahu Akbar" 10 times. There is no specific time for the Tasbih prayer, it can be performed at any time.

  • Tahiyyatul Masjid Prayer

    Tahiyyatul Masjid Prayer is a 2 rak'ah sunnah prayer performed out of respect upon entering the mosque. It is performed immediately upon entering the mosque, before sitting down. It does not replace the obligatory prayer.

  • Salat al-Awwabin Prayer

    Salat al-Awwabin prayer is a 2-6 rak'ah prayer performed daily by servants who pray to Allah. It is performed after the evening prayer. Mercy and forgiveness are sought.

  • Funeral Prayer

    The funeral prayer is a prayer performed as the last duty to a deceased Muslim. It consists of 4 rak'ahs and is performed standing. The funeral prayer is important for praying for mercy for the deceased and asking Allah for forgiveness.

  • Salat al Jumah

    Friday Prayer is like a weekly festival. Muslims gather in the mosque, listen to the sermon, and pray. It symbolizes unity and togetherness.

  • Taraweeh Prayer

    Taraweeh prayer is a voluntary prayer performed at night during Ramadan. It is performed in groups of 2 rak'ahs from an 8-20 rak'ah prayer. Surah Al-Fatiha and a surah are recited in each rak'ah.

  • Organize Prayer Activities at Your Schools

    Teaching prayer through activities (Coming soon) allows students to have a spiritual experience. Practices such as congregational prayer, preparing prayer cards, and engaging in short rituals help students understand the profound meaning of worship. You can use the prayer education posters prepared by Namaz Zamanı for free, and organize knowledge and practice competitions related to prayer.

    Things to Learn for Prayer

  • Categorization of The Acts of The Legally-Responsible

  • For a Perfect Salat

  • Wudhu, What is Ablution?

  • Post-Prayer Tasbihat

  • Missed Ritual Prayers, Salat Al-Qadha

  • How to Wake up for Salat Fajr?

  • Salah for the joys of our eyes

  • Activities for Your Child and Salah

    We can use various activities to make prayer enjoyable and meaningful for our children and help them get used to this worship. These activities can help children find prayer enjoyable and meaningful.

  • Fluffy Rabbit and Salah Festival

    A wonderful method practiced by a family can inspire those looking for new ideas on prayer education. This method can offer an effective approach for children to embrace prayer.

  • How to Make Our Child Love Prayer

    Contains valuable advice on how to make prayer appealing to our children. In addition to emphasizing the importance of worship, it offers practical tips for conveying the meaning and beauty of prayer to children.

  • Call of Time