• The Obligatory Acts (Fardh) Of Salah

    A fardh, an obligatory act, is a definite order of Allah, the most high. If either one obligatory act or several obligatory acts of a salat are not done, that salat is incomplete.

    The obligatory acts of salat are twelve, six of which are those that are to be done before one starts salat. These are called the conditions of salat

    Now let us discuss these in order:

    1. The Requirements For The Performance Of Salat

    Cleansing From The State Of Impurity: it is to be cleansed from the unseen moral impruties that are called "hadath" by means of either minor ritual ablution (wudhu., or major ritual bath (ghusl. or ritual ablution with clean soil (tayammum..

    2. Clean From Physical impurities (nejasett) :

    it is to cleanse ourselves, our clothing and the place where we are going to perform the prayer from visible meterial impurites.

    3. Covering Of The Private Parts (Satr-i Awrah) :

    It is to properly cover our private parts. The private parts in a men are from the navel to below the knees. It is obligatory to cover these parts while performing a ritual prayer. The private parts in a woman consist of the whole body except the face, hands and feet. A woman is to cover the private parts even if she performs a salat at a place where she is alone.

    4. Facing In The Direction Of The Qiblah:

    It is to perform a salat facing in the direction of the Kaaba, which is in Makkah al-Mukarramah in Suudi Arabia.

    5. The Time:

    It is to perform all the prayers at their due times. We can learn the exact times each day from special prayer calendars.

    6. Intention:

    It is to say silently the intention to perform the particular salat that is due at that time.