• Prostration For Forgetfulness (Sajda Sahu, Sajdah Sahw)

    The prostration for forgetfulness (Sajdah Sahw) is made when there is any delay of an obligatory act (fard) or an omission or delay of a required act (Wajib) in performance of a prayer, such as forgetting to recite Fatiha in any prayer, reciting the surah before the Fatiha, forgetting to recite the supplication of Witnessing (at-Tahiyyatu) in the first and second sitting etc.

    How The Perform A Prostration For Forgetfulness (Sajdah Sahw)

    Recite the Supplication Of Witnessing (at-Tahiyyatu) in the last sitting at the and of a ritual prayer, make the salutation first to the right then to the left and then immediately prostrate with the utterance of takbir "Allah-u Akbar". We then make two successive prostrations as we do in each rakat of a ritual prayer. Afterwards, we recite the supplications of Witnessing Allahumma Salli, Allahumma Barik and Rabb'ana, and then we again make the salutation (Salaam).

    Namaz Zamani