• How to Perform Wudu (Ablution)

    Kahramanmaraş Acemli Mosque
    We say reads: "Audhu Billahi min-ash-shayta-nir-rajiym, Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim" and make the intention by saying: "I intend to perform wudu".
    Abdest Elleri yıkama
    we wash well both hands up to the wrists, three times. While doing this, we comb with the wet fingers of one hand those of the other and vice versa. If there is a ring, we rotate it back and forth so that water way reach beneath it.
    Abdest Ağza su verme
    We take water it to the mouth with the ring hand and rinse the inside of the mouth well. At this point, we preferably brush our teeth with a sunnah tooth brush (miswak) or otherwise a normal tooth brush. If neither are available, we mey rub our teeth with the ring thumb, for the ring side, and the fore finger of the ring hand for the left side.
    Ablution (wudu) nostrils
    We draw water into the nostrils with the palm of the ring hand tree times, blowing the nose each time using the left hand.
    Ablution (wudu) wash hands
    We wash the face three times with both hands from the forehead to underneath the chin, and from the side of the temples ring up to the soft beginning of the ears. In doing this, we should avoid forcefully splashing water on our face lest it should splatter all around.
    Ablution (wudu) wash arm
    We first wash our right arm rubbing with the left hand up to and including the elbow.
    Ablution (wudu) wash hand
    This is done three times, and repeated for the left arm with the ring hand.
    Ablution (wudu) wash hand
    We wipe over one fourth of the head from the back to the front with the wet palm of the right hand.
    Ablution (wudu) wash foot finger hands
    We again wet our hands wipe with the wet forefingers of both hands the inside of the ears and with the wet thumb behind the ears. Next we pipe the back of the neck with the remaining fingers, that is those other than the thumbs and forefingers.
    Ablution (wudu) wash
    While we are wiping the ears we recite this supplication: "O my Allah! Make me obey the best of the words".
    Ablution (wudu) wash foot
    First we wash our right foot (using the left hand) three times starting with the toes. The skin area an between toes is combet with the little finger of the left hand. This act of combing is started from the toe of the right foot and from the big toe of left foot the washing of the left foot is the same as that for the right foot.

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