Fluffy Rabbit and Salah Festival

While checking the backlinks of the "Activities for Your Child's Prayer" article, I came across a forum where a beautiful event was shared. I corrected only the spelling mistakes. I leave you alone with an example prayer education.

We started activities with our fluffy Rabbit (daughter) before she turned 7 years old. Firstly, she memorized prayers in her hammock :) Her first memorized prayer was "Sübhaneke" (a phrase from the Quran). Her first gift was also a special "Hoca Nasrettin" (a toy) requested by her aunt on Özel fm's (a radio station) request hour. I wish you could see the moment she heard her own name that day, it's still vivid in my mind.

Back then, Yekta TOK was the one presenting the request hour. He also congratulated her, and when he said it was only for her, you should have seen her reaction. Preschool choice is also very important. When the trio of mother, father, and school are together, the prayers memorized in the hammock, the conversations at home, and our fluffy one's luck, she was always with her mother in lessons.

When I started giving students copies in the Siyer (biography of the Prophet) lesson, I said enough, don't enter :) and as the Prophet said, "Command your children to pray when they are seven years old," when she approached 7 years old, rehearsals began. Prayer was explained and discussed. We said let's choose one of the 5 daily prayers, and she started praying with the evening prayer, praise be to Allah.

On December 10th, we declared "Prayer Feast" in our house. Friends were invited. Grandmothers, grandfathers, everyone decorated the house with balloons, clowns:):) especially loved the gifts. She is now 8 years old, and the morning prayer was added to the evening prayer (her choice). When she wakes up, she first performs ablution, prays, and then gets ready for school.

This year's Prayer gift is "Morning prayer in Eyüp Sultan and breakfast afterwards". God willing, next year we will go to Umrah if God permits. By adding one prayer every year, she will be accustomed both physically and spiritually, and when she turns 11, she will be praying 5 times a day.

This was the prayer training we gave to our daughter. I recommend it. She has taken the responsibility, praise be to Allah. She prays the evening and morning prayers. Of course, you need to support her; her special prayer rug, special prayer headscarf should only belong to her, and it would be good to have warm water ready when she performs ablution in cold weather :):) and praying in congregation is also very beautiful...

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