Activities for Your Child and Salah

What can be done to get our children accustomed to prayer?

Setting an Example: Children grow up by modeling their families. Therefore, regularly performing and enjoying prayer will set a positive example for children.

Being Patient: Children can sometimes be impatient or prefer playing. In such cases, it is important to be patient and not to pressure them.

Making It Fun: Making prayer fun can attract children's interest. For example, presenting prayer as a game or getting them special prayer rugs and prayer beads can be motivating.

Explaining Its Meaning: Explaining the meaning and importance of prayer to the child in a simple and understandable way can increase their interest in prayer.

Reward System: Creating a reward system for children can encourage them to pray regularly. The reward does not have to be material; for example, it could be a promise to do an activity they enjoy together.

Sincerity: Performing prayer with sincerity and earnestness can also instill this feeling in children. It is important to explain to them that prayer is not just a duty but also a moment of forgiveness and supplication.

Praying as a Family: Praying together as a family as much as possible gives children a sense of unity and helps them better understand the importance of prayer.

Remember, every child's level of interest and attention is different, so being patient and responsive to your child's reactions is important.

Familial counselor Münir Arıkan followed this method to get his children used to prayer: When we got married, I bought a very beautiful prayer rug for my wife. I've been spreading it for eight years. Not even one day did I say 'Come on, let's pray.' We had a child, and this time I bought a small prayer rug. Now we have five prayer rugs. I spread them day and night. Now our nine-month-old child comes, puts his head there, mumbles to himself, goes; he has his own place there. They all come there, they have their places. (Altınoluk, September 2003, p.12)

We can benefit from some activities to make our child love and get used to prayer.

First, teach them the prayers. Repeat them often. Little ones are smarter than you think. Just encourage them and make them repeat lovingly and willingly a certain number of times. There must also be material rewards in front of them. But repeat spiritual rewards often so that they grasp the essence of the matter.

In the second stage, ensure that they grasp the prayer movements. For example, you can try drawing. Give them colorful paints and ask them to draw the prayer movements.

Put a reward in front of them again. Put an example picture in front of them, and if there are more than one child, have a contest. But reward each one individually. Let the rewards be related to prayer. If it's a boy, it could be a wonderfully embroidered prayer cap. If you can, knit something for the children. Otherwise, buy a nice prayer cap. Then a nice rosary could be next. If it's a girl, you can buy a prayer headscarf. You can buy a prayer rug, for example.

Finally, after the prayer is somewhat understood, make them pray with you for a week and put a reward at the end like a celebration. You can even give them a prayer diploma.

It can be a special day. You make a cake or something for your child. You decorate the house with balloons. So there is a celebration in this house. So what are we celebrating? Ece's Award Ceremony for Starting Prayer.

Hang the prayer diploma you gave in a visible place in the house or room and make them proud of it...

I recommend it, this idea has been tried and it's very nice. I came across it recently and wanted to share it with you.

A Warning!

First of all, you need to be patient while doing all these. Be patient, tolerant, and determined like the Prophet (pbuh). Just as he raised his companions as Islam heroes despite all the difficulties, we must raise our children as prostrating, pure believers. Mothers, fathers, the future of the world is in your hands...

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