Those Acts That Nullify A Ritual Prayer

1- Speaking in prayer;

2- Eating or drinking something during prayer;

3- Laughing in prayer so much that the person himself hears it;

4- Turning the chest away from the direction of the Holy Kaaba;

5- Attempting to do on act that is not part of the prayer;

6- Giving salaam to somebody while in prayer or replaying;

7- Uttering such exclamations as "ah, ogh, oh" etc.;

8- Trying or forcing oneself to cough wit ought a real necessity to cough;

9- Blowing on something;

10- Reciting a verse from the Noble Qur'an with the intention of answering someone;

11- when the sun rises while one is performing the Morning Prayer (Salat Fajr);

12- when the period of duration of masah (wiping) and during the performance of prayer;

13- Incorrectly reciting a verse the Noble Qur'an so that the meaning is changed;

14- The standing of a male beside a female in prayer;

15- Reading a verse or chapter (i.e. doing this by looking at the next of the Noble Qur'an);

16- Uncovering the private area for a period equal to section of a ritual prayer;

17- Seeing water while performing a prayer made with tayammum;

18- One of congregation (Jamaat), performing an act or the acts of prayer before the leader(imam) has.

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