• The Call to Stand Up For the Actual Start (Al-Iqamah)

    What is Al-Iqamah?

    Al-Iqamah is the call for the actual start of a prayer that is recited before the obligatory (fardh) acts of prayers.

    By whom and when can al-Iqamah be called?

    When performing a prayer in congregation, the Mu’adhdhin recites al-Iqamah loudly. Men who perform a prayer by themselves recite al-Iqamah only as loud as they can hear themselves. Women do not recite al-Iqamah. The words of al-Iqamah are almost the same as al-Adhan. Only in the call to the actual start of a prayer (al-Iqamah), the addition of “Qadqaamati’s- Salah,” which means “The prayer has started,” is said twice after the recitation of “Hayy’al-al-Falah.” Also, while al-Adhan is called slowly with time lapses between the phrases, al-Iqamah is called swiftly and without waiting in between the phrases.

    The words of al-Iqamah

    - Allahu Akbar (4 times)

    - Ashhadu an-la-ilaha illa Allah (2 times)

    - Ashhadu anna Muhammadan-Rasulu Allah (2 times)

    - Hayya ‘al-as-Salah (2 times)

    - Hayya ‘ala-al-Falah (2 times)

    - Qad-qaamati-s-Salah (2 times)

    - Allahu Akbar (2 times)

    - La ilaha illa Allah (1 time)

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