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  • Surah Al Araf (The Heights) Ayat 68

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  • أُبَلِّغُكُمْ
  • رِسَٰلَٰتِ
  • رَبِّى
  • وَأَنَا۠
  • لَكُمْ
  • نَاصِحٌ
  • أَمِينٌ
  • Muhammad Habib Shakir: I deliver to you the messages of my Lord and I am a faithful adviser to you:
  • Abdullah Yusuf Ali: "I but fulfil towards you the duties of my Lord´s mission: I am to you a sincere and trustworthy adviser.
  • M.Pickthall: I convey unto you the messages of my Lord and am for you a true adviser.
  • Amatul Rahmân Omer: `I deliver to you the Messages of my Lord and I am to you a counselor, sincere and trust-worthy.
  • Maulana Mohammad Ali: He said: O my people, there is no folly in me, but I am a messenger of the Lord of the worlds.
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